A little history…

EVRD Started in 2007 as a simple Tumblr website called Everything Random. It was a way to share interesting links and photos I found with friends. That site quickly became popular outside of my immediate circle. Eventually making it to the front page of DIGG (remember DIGG?). It was even a sponsor on iWearYourShirt for a day.

Things grew quickly from there. More people joined the site, more websites were created, a store was opened, tried to be everywhere on social media, and got out of control. The fun little Tumblr was transformed to an overwhelming business and my creativity disappeared with it. Running the business side led to burnout and eventually the site went dormant.


EVRD is out of hibernation. From a simple Tumblr to a simple Substack. As the tagline says, this is a creative outlet. That's it. An experimental ground to try and share new things. New writings, artwork, interesting links, and always a good quote.

The newsletter will serve as a hub for captivating writing, updates, and anything intriguing or inspiring. By subscribing, you gain access to a curated collection of content that will keep you engaged, informed, and inspired. Stay connected with the EVRD community and be the first to know about new content, special projects, and upcoming surprises.

Through all its iterations, one core principal has remained unchanged: EVRD is a creative outlet—a playground for imagination, innovation, and self-expression. It will remain open ended and ever changing. It will remain creative and fun.

Thank You

EVRD has been around for a long time in many different forms. I know many people have been around from the start. All the ups, downs, rebuilds, shut downs, and restarts. I want to thank everyone that has supported and followed this project.

EVRD isn't possible without the community around it, and the community is what keeps me working on this project.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk please introduce yourself at hello@evrd.net.

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I'm not sure how you discovered this obscure corner of the internet, but welcome. This is a creative space, containing writings and discussions about any and everything random, fun, inspirational, and thought inducing.


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